About Omar Khayyam Alcoholic Beverages

Omar Khayyam alcoholic beverages are products of the French/Canadian Company of Dricka Club. P&P Distribution LTD is the exclusive Distributor of the brand Omar Khayyam in the United Kingdom. the products are made in countries of Ukraine, Georgia and republic of Moldova. Bulgary Winery LTD is the producer of our products. We use the best ingredients to create the unique taste and Quality of our products. All of our products are UK Duty paid and we’d like to reassure our Customers that they can have their full faith and trust in our Brand.




P&P Distribution LTD

P&P Distribution Limited is located at the heart of the UK, City of Nottingham and Proud to be representing the brand of “Omar Khayyam” in the UK. We aim to provide the best service and products to our valued customers and partners. We supply our products at a competitive price with the highest quality of service throughout the UK to all types of:

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What we Sell

Dricka Club

Dricka Club is an international company based in France and Canada and has many years of experience in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. Our beverages are successfully sold in the numerous countries such as United States, European Union, Iraq, UAE, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia etc. We offer to our respectful customers, good quality wine, vodka, brandy and sparkling wine. Our aim is to maintain and improve the high standards of quality and customer service we have set ourselves. We have created a team of specialists with profound knowledge and experience of classical and modern processes for production of all kinds of spirits. Our technologists constantly improve their knowledge in the field of raw materials and production. Our company is systematically studying the market and keeps an eye on the development of new products of Omar Khayyam.

If you are real connoisseur of good beverages join us and we will help you to open the charming world of Eastern culture and philosophy.

Omar Khayyam

“Drink! For you know not whence you came nor why;
Drink! For know not why you go, nor where.”

Omar Khayyam, or Khayyam Neishabouri, was born in the province of Neishabour, northern east parts of the ancient Persia (taday’s Iran) on 18th of May 1,048 . He was a philosopher, An astronomer, mathematician and mainly famous for his being a poet. He is famous for his admiration of fine wine and the pleasure of the moment.

“Here’s to the man
Who owns the land
That bears the grapes
That makes the wine
That taste so good
As this does.”

as a Mathematician, he is famous for his work on the solution to the cubic equations, where he provided geometric solutions by the intersection of conic. He also had a big role to understanding of the parallel axiom.

Omar Khayyam spent 33-years of studies and precise calculation to design the Solar Calendar of “Jalali Calendar”.
today’s Persian and Georgian calendars are based on his work.

Despite his work in mathematics and astronomy, Khayyam is best known for his poems, especially as the author of his collection of quatrains, the “Rubaiyat”. It’s been translated to many languages and his poems still inspire millions of people around the world especially throughout Asia and the Eastern Europe.


Bulgary Winery Ltd

“Bulgari Winery” Ltd Company was founded in 1870 by immigrants from Bulgaria. The factory is situated in the South of Moldova, in Tvarditsa village, where Ethnic Bulgarians live.
“Bulgari Winery” Ltd
Omar KhayyamCompany has a full-cycle production process, starting with the processing of the grapes grown on its own plantations, and ending with bottling.

The company is growing such varieties of grapes as: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Aligote, Sauvignon, Glera (Prosecco), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir. The company’s vineyards cover about 600 ha. Every year, the company plants grapes on 60-70 ha of land.

“Bulgari Winery” Ltd is an ambitious company that specializes in the production of high quality sparkling wines and champagnes based on Italian technology. The equipment used for the grapes processing and wine making process is made by the Italian companies Velor, SEITAL and PADOVAN. All this is made of Stainless Steel.

Thanks to foreign technology and modern equipment, the company is able to process up to 25,000 tons of grapes a year.

The modern German bottling line KRONES with production capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour was launched in 2015. The factory power is up to 1,000 000 bottles per month.

The credo of “Bulgari Winery” is Quality. But, it is known that, like beauty, everyone takes quality in his own way. However, when tasting the company’s products, wine tasters agree on all characteristics. Therefore, winemakers understand what characteristics one kind of wine or another has. The company’s winemakers apply all best-known quality concepts when evaluating the production. All of them are based on organoleptic complexity, subtlety, balance, “elegance”, revelation, length and uniqueness.

The working staff of the company knows the classical and modern technology of sparkling wines and champagnes, beginning from grape growing and ending with bottling. The most famous Italian oenologists are advising our experts. Therefore, we are always in the know of latest western winemaking technology. The company’s technologists regularly improve their knowledge in the area of raw materials and production, occasionally visiting foreign sites of production and sales of raw materials and final products of foreign manufacturers of Italy and France, exchanging experience and selecting the best raw material for production of drinks, which is the most important quality factor. For laboratory control, the company has the most modern certified laboratory in Western Europe.

Our production is successfully sold in the USA, European Union, Asian countries (Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan), Ukraine, Israel, Turkey and Russian Federation. The main consumers of “Bulgari Winery” company’s products are young successfully people, who are good at good wine tasting and who are always ready to make an excellent modern format product for a reasonable price, which is as good as foreign samples of sparkling wines.

The art of excellence today is not just the company’s motto. This is the philosophy of the best sparkling wine.

Omar Khayyam UK